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Many new PSAs don't know what to do once they join SFI. So I will today explain the basics on what is required when you become an Affiliate.

The first step is creating your profile, uploading your photo and white listing your email address, all that and how to do it is found in the getting started section under the to-do list tab. It's important to perform all the tasks on the the to- do list tabs . I've noticed many PSAs don't perform this three most important tasks yet they are at the core of your success in SFI because it gives your potential recruits the assurance that they are dealing real and genuine people. The tasks also earn you 285 income and ranking VersaPoints that's how important it is to perform these tasks. All the tabs are red when you log in every 24 hours click on these read the information and then click the review button at the bottom of the page and earn your points.

The next stop should be training. You will not succeed in SFI if you do not understand what it's about. The good news is SFI has comprehensive training in place and can be found in the following link.

I have emphasized in my team mail before Accumulating as much VersaPoints helps determine your rank and how much you earn from the profit sharing at the Tripleclicks Executive pool. The following also happens as you get points.
• A minimum of 10 VersaPoints a day earns you entries in the Daily Grand draw where you win prizes .
• Earns you badges like the VP rank,VP streak and monthly VP champion that in turn puts you in contention to win the monthly badge bounty quest of a minimum of $ 500 and more.
• 1500 VersaPoints make you Executive affiliate and you start getting money paid to you monthly from the Tripleclicks Executive pool and from activities of your PSAs.
• The E365 contest rewards the person with highest number of accumulated VP at the end of the year and daily prizes .
• Accumulation of a minimum 10VP enters you into the Daily Grand draw and you can win various prizes.
The next tabs that require your attention are the stream tab where you can earn 1VP for reading teams news and you can also earn 3VP for posting a message.

THE TIPS TAB has information from fellow affiliates that will also help you maximise your SFI experience.

TC tab all you need to do is go through the new products and earn 1Vp

ECA tab connect and visit E commerce Affiliate of the day earn 1 VP.

PRICEBENDER TAB or PB place a bid earn 1VP, if you win an auction you are given 30 days to pay if you can't you can exchange the item for a Gift voucher or put the item for sale and earn money. Remember each bid you make you build your way to earning a spin that eventually earns you Personally sponsored affiliate ( PSA).

One of the most important tabs is the EAGER ZEBRA or EZ tab where games are located remember the saying “all work but no play makes Jack a dull boy” well this tab makes your SFI office fun but there are prizes to be won . Play applicable games twice which earn entries in the Daily Crown and badges if you win.

For Daily Grand and Daily Crown you can win Tcredits, CSAs. Gift vouchers.
All this information is available in the launchpad lessons.

THE GOALS TAB tab helps you plan and stay focused if you set your goals before the 10th of every month you earn 5 VP. Everyday you post what you have done to achieve your goals you earn 1 VP.
Remember I am here to help.

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